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The SEDAscoring LCA Tool – SEDA
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The SEDAscoring LCA Tool

SEDA – Sustainability Engineering Design Audit

The SEDAscoring LCA Tool

Our main goal is to aid engineers and designers in construction and manufacturing organizations to identify opportunities and best practices to develop more sustainable projects, products and services.

SEDA allows you to:

1. Easily identify company-specific materials used in designs

Identify and input materials, technologies and processes used in each design alternative

2. Identify environmental hot spots and opportunities in each design

Identify areas of environmental impact and opportunity in each of your designs to reduce your overall environmental footprint

3. Compare environmental impact of design alternatives in real-time

Analyze environmental footprint in multiple ways: material types, design elements, and design alternatives

4. Collaborate in real-time with colleagues

Collaborate with colleagues in real-time by saving incremental updates

5. Obtain summarized impact data for the decision process

Easily view, understand and share your results summary to inform the decision-making process

6. Quickly create effective reports

Prepare a SEDA report to bring to your next sustainability meeting, or which can be seamlessly integrated into client documentation

"Companies not interested in sustainable development issues will not survive long."

~Malcolm Brinded, Chairman of Shell UK


Using SEDAscore

1. Create accounts to manage team or personal designs


2. Quickly create shared projects among your team

SEDA - Create a New Project

SEDA - Create a New Project

Our simple ‘create project’ features allow for quick project creation and sharing

3. Save time in design and decision making

New Project

Time requirements are greatly reduced as we complete the background LCA work specifically for your organization

4. Easily manage personal and shared projects


Multiple personal and shared projects can be easily managed

5. Add material volumes and let SEDA calculate
your project’s environmental impact


Once a new project is started simply add material volumes and let SEDA calculate your projects environmental impact

6. Detailed analysis on project’s impact


View your detailed SEDA analyses of different projects’ environmental impacts in a variety of ways

7. Project managers have total control


Project managers can update settings, parameters and design materials in their own simple interface

8. Get impact data summaries on
whole project designs and individual products or services

Complete your project by printing your custom summary report, highlighting important impact data. Each report is designed according to your organization’s specific marketing needs; demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by providing accurate impact data right down to the design of each product and service.

“The time you want the map… is before you enter the woods.”

~Brendon Burchard

Additional SEDA Services

Depending on your company's needs, our team offers additional services to help your organization take full advantage of SEDA's capabilities:


LCA databasing
Integrate SEDA with existing systems and workflows
Customize SEDA's functions to support various use case
Training and Support
Get the most out of your SEDAScoring LCA Tool

“Sustainability is about profit…it is the opportunity of the century.”

~Ben Clarke, Kraft Foods

Employee Friendly


All training opportunities are designed to have employees understand sustainability as it applies to their organization and how to take ownership of projects.

Is it time for your company to become a Sustainability Leader?


We can help you. Have our professionals develop a 30 to 90-minute business case presentation on how sustainability can be implemented by your company.

For more information or if you would like to set up an introduction, please do not hesitate to contact us.