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SEDA – Sustainability Engineering Design Audit

Streamlining Sustainability

Help organizations embrace the benefits of implementing sustainability into their business practices.


The SEDA tool facilitates this by merging sustainability with decision making by simplifying LCAs in design.

Implementing sustainability into the design phase is a deeply involved process. 
We take complex LCA data and make it simple for designers and decision makers to use.
SEDA’s robust, customizable product is heavily embedded in environmental accounting and was developed with industry partners.  As a result, we have refined a tool that operates with your unique needs in mind.

SEDA Calculator

An online tool that allows your employees to conduct streamlined LCAs.


The tool is a unique combination of real-world experience and a high degree of theoretical knowledge. As such, its outputs provide valuable environmental impact data for decision makers and designers.



Requires no installation

Just start entering your project details.

Requires Minimal training

Made by experts with ease of use in mind

Designed to be simple and quick to use

Focus on what really matters

Accounts can be managed entirely online

Centralized management for complete project control

Our Team


Tayber Yastremski
Tayber Yastremski
Tayber Yastremski
Program Director

With more than ten years in the field of Sustainability Tayber has worked projects ranging from energy to transportation. As the current SEDA team leader Tayber manages the companies direction and the many stakeholders involved in bringing this socially valuable tool to reality.

B.Sc - Earth Systems Science
M. Eng - Clean Energy Engineering
UBC Engineering Management
EcoCanada Environmental Professional - Specializations: Sustainability, Training, Research & Development, and Energy

Elaine Ho
Elaine Ho
Elaine Ho
Sustainability Facilitator

Elaine has been deeply involved in projects and programs in sustainable development, environmental education and stakeholder engagement (especially youth) for six years, though her fervor regarding social and environmental sustainability began much earlier. Though her early experience was rooted in ecological restoration and small-scale renewable energy, her more recent interests include creating economic and natural resource independence in remote communities and engaging stakeholders in change-making.

Elaine’s enthusiasm for constant learning and her transdisciplinary approach allow her to collaborate with people across many industries. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), she is well-equipped to see your initiatives through from start to finish. Combined with her drive for results and focus on organizational needs, Elaine strives to insure your goals are met – every time.

Hamed Taheri
Hamed Taheri
Hamed Taheri
Product Designer

Hamed designs and develops software-based solutions that support collaborative decision making around large-scale complex problems. He is PhD candidate at University of British Columbia (UBC) and has several experiences on applying user-centered and interdisciplinary approaches along with advanced computational and visualization methods. He feels passionate and responsible for supporting our communities and businesses to become socially, environmentally and economically more sustainable.

Sustainability Consulting

The SEDA experience would be incomplete without the service of our partner organizations.  Take advantage of their expertise as you implement SEDA into your organization; SEDA-customized consulting packages provide exceptional value.

While we are focused on providing you with a unique and powerful tool, we have a strong, growing network of industry partners, insightful thinkers, and experienced professionals. Make the most of your SEDA experience and have one of our partners facilitate success for today and tomorrow through specially-created SEDA-focused packages.

Our two leading partners are Yastremski Associates (Alberta) and HC TISS (Ontario), both of which provide SEDA-customized facilitation packages at a great value.  This service assists with the implementation of the SEDA tool and builds a culture of sustainability through the development of a Strategic Sustainability Plan.  When needed, our partners may aid in the follow-through of this Plan and related goal achievement. 



Benefits of a partner


Revenue boost through opportunity identification
Reduced operating costs
Addressing of today’s market demands
Increased employee innovation and participation